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Our home security packages usually come with over $1500 worth of equipment. However, when speaking to a Protect Force consultant you can swap or add on equipment from the set package and choose equipment you may need instead. For your convenience, here are the equipment pieces we offer:

GE Simon XT Control Panel

As the control center for your security system, the GE Simon XT Control Panel includes a keypad to arm and disarm your alarm, initiate live hands-free communication with the monitoring center, and display status updates. With its easy-to-use interface, this security platform makes protecting your home simple and convenient.

GE Simon XT Control Panel
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touch screen keypad

Yard Signs and Decals

Along with your alarm system equipment, you will receive Yard Signs to display the name of your security company on your front porch. Used as a warning sign, this can prevent burglars from entering your home.

Wireless Door Window Contact

Motion Sensor

Best placed in an area in your home with heavy foot traffic, the Motion Sensors work by detecting body heat as well as any movement. To decrease the chance of false alarms, the motion sensors will not detect any animals 40 pounds or lighter.


Medical Pendant

Designed for the elderly or people with disabilities, the Medical Pendant can be worn as a necklace or clipped onto your waist. When the panic button on the pendant is pressed, it will send an emergency signal to the authorities.

glass break sensor

Smoke Detector

Protecting your home from the onset of a fire, each Smoke Detector monitors smoke in your home at all hours of the day. An alarm will be triggered once smoke is detected.

carbon monoxide gas sensor


Once the alarm system is triggered, the Siren blasts a 100 decibel loud alarm. Similar to a police siren, this will ensure any intruder does not go unnoticed.

z wave home security

Flood Water Sensor

Preventing the risk of flood damage, the Flood Water Sensor can be placed in your basement to detect early signs of water damages.

freeze sensor

Tri-zone Tilt Switch

Compatible with garage and overhead doors, the Tri-zone Tilt Switch enables you to secure your garage door with a sensor.

hardwire to wireless translator

Basic Z-wave Thermostat

Control your thermostat through your security system with the Z-wave Thermostat option.

Touch Screen Keypad

For your convenience, a Touch Screen Keypad can be implemented onto your control center for an easier to use interface.

home security yard sign

Wireless Door/Window Contact

As the most common pieces to a home alarm system, Wireless Door or Window Contacts can be attached to any door or window in your home. These wireless contacts trigger the alarm when the sensors detect the door or window being opened.

home security motion sensor


Enabling you to arm and disarm your security system up to 100 feet away from your home, the Wireless Key Fob gives you a secondary device to control your alarm system. Along with the button to arm and disarm the system, the key fob includes a panic button in case of emergencies.

medical pendant

Glass Break Sensor

Designed to detect the sound of shattering glass, the Glass Break Sensors can be placed near glass windows or doors to identify any sign of breaking the glass to gain entry into the house.

smoke detector

Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor

Aimed to detect traces of toxic Carbon Monoxide Gas, these sensors notify you when the non-odorous gas is found in your home.


Z-wave Capabilities

Designed for your convenience, Z-wave Capabilities enable you to control different aspects of your home through one technology. The thermostat, lighting, fans, and security system can all be controlled with one device.

flood water sensor

Freeze Sensor

Beneficial for homes located in colder areas, the Freeze Sensor detects any extreme temperature drops in your home.

tri zone tilt switch

Hardwire to wireless translator

Convert your old hardwire panel into wireless by mounting the new panel in place of the old one.

Basic Z wave Thermostat

* These equipment pieces are included in the default basic package.